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Tech – Women in Tech – Leadership Lessons from Judi Hess

Judi talks about her experience of rising through the ranks, being overlooked for leadership positions, how she arrived in her current role as CEO and how she still sees instances of gender bias in the workplace today. Maria asks her about who inspired and influenced her, what she learned along the way, and the advice she has for women generally in business and in leadership positions, “When you’re offered a leadership position say, “Yes.””.

Key Takeaways:

1:21 – Maria introduces Judi, with a recap of Judi’s career and achievements, and asks he what she wanted to be when she grew up and the career options she thought she had.

4:25 – Judi talks about her first job out of school, negotiating for equal pay and her first leadership position.

7:57 – What were some of the hurdles Judi has overcome and how this drove her forward and shaped how things turned out.

12:56 – Who were Judi’s role models and why does she admire them?

15:57 – What else has shaped her leadership style? Judi talks about something that she vowed never to do.

20:11 – Maria asks Judi about her leadership style as CEO of Copperleaf.

23:04 – Learning is a life long endeavor – how does Judi approach learning and figuring out something new?

25:14 – The conversation turns to senior management – communications within and by the senior team, and their role within the company.

29:25 – How does Copperleaf empower people and foster the leaders of tomorrow.

31:30 – Judi gives her thoughts on how women can achieve prominence and leadership in their organizations.

34:45 – Are there still barriers for women in leadership today?

40:43 – Maria ask Judi how she juggled her work / life balance.

44:15 – Maria closes to conversation by asking Judi about the one job that she might like to tackle in the future, and what is the one word Judi would use to describe herself.

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