HealthTech Ignite

The conference for B2B HealthTech startups looking to build and scale their companies.

November 14, 2023 | Montreal, QC

What is HealthTech Ignite?

HealthTech Ignite is a one-day conference presented by Pender Ventures where we’ll delve into the art of building and scaling cutting-edge healthtech software solutions for providers, payers, and pharma. 

With the potential to streamline workflows, optimize patient care and enhance collaboration between stakeholders, technology is already reshaping healthcare delivery. Join us for this inaugural event as we bring together esteemed industry and investment speakers to share their valuable insights and experience on healthtech.


CHUM and its research center (CRCHUM) is one of the largest hospital-based research centers in North America. More than 1800 employees including over 500 researchers and 400 students integrate the entire research continuum, including basic, clinical and population health research.