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Tech – Disruption 4 – Edge Computing, IoT and Anomaly Detection

This is the last in the four part series on Disruptive Technology. Maria Pacella, SVP, Private Equity and Portfolio Manager of the Pender Technology Inflection Fund, has been talking with Silicon Valley veteran, Rich Miller. In this last podcast they are joined by Toufic Boubez, VP Engineering at Splunk and a serial entrepreneur and tech industry leader with expertise in disruptive solutions. Having discussed blockchain and big data, this podcast turns to edge computing, the Internet of Things, anomaly detection and machine learning.

Key Takeaways:

00:14 – Maria introduces Toufic Boubez and asks Rich and Toufic to clear up the confusion over edge computing and the Internet of Things being confused as the same thing.

08:13 – Having introduced the notion that edge computing can take on many of the same kinds of problems as cloud computing, Maria ask what the tradeoffs are.

11:01 – Are all the problems solved? Maria asks what the state of development is – and Rich and Toufic agree there is still a long way to go.

11:50 – The more technology evolves, the more we push technology to do more, and the speed of that change has been “mindboggling”, and Rich relates this to the processing power required by autonomous vehicles.

13:55 – Problem solving has to keep pace with technological advancement. One particular class of problem that is close to Toufic’s heart is anomaly detection and Maria asks him to expand on that, in particular what do we do once an anomaly is detected.

19:21 – We are moving from rule-based anomaly detection to pattern recognition based anomaly detection. Toufic expands on the idea that rules do not always stretch to all eventualities and a new system is needed.

24:28 – How technology gives us superpowers.

Mentioned in this episode

Maria Pacella, Senior VP, Private Equity and Portfolio Manager

Pender Technology Inflection Fund

Rich Miller

Toufic Boubez

Splunk Inc.

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