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Welcoming Toufic Boubez as A Venture Partner 

Pender Ventures is thrilled to announce that Toufic Boubez, a seasoned entrepreneur and technology leader, has joined our team as a Venture Partner. Toufic’s wealth of expertise and connections will now be available to our portfolio companies and investment team.  

Early AI Researcher Turned CTO/Founder  

Toufic Boubez is an entrepreneur and engineer with a diverse academic and professional background. He obtained his first two engineering degrees from McGill University in Montreal before moving to Rutgers University, where he earned a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering and deposited a PhD thesis on neural networks.  

After leaving school, Boubez worked on the Earth Observing System for NASA before being recruited by IBM, where he rose to become the Chief Architect for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). After IBM, Toufic jumped into the startup world as a co-founder of Saffron Technology, focusing on analytics for US intelligence agencies. The company was eventually acquired by Intel. Toufic then co-founded two companies that successfully exited: Layer 7 Technologies, an API management platform that was acquired by Computer Associates and Metafor Software, which was acquired by Splunk.  

As VP Engineering at Splunk and head of the AI and Incubation organizations, Toufic developed cutting-edge machine learning analytics and anomaly detection solutions, further solidifying his reputation as a software innovator. After Splunk, he joined Macro Health, a health data platform that allows Payers to optimize and seamlessly connect to their entire ecosystem of providers, networks and health solutions partners. Earlier this year, he joined his fourth start up as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Catio, a cloud architecture platform for tech stack evaluation and planning.   

A History of Collaboration 

Maria Pacella, Managing Partner at Pender Ventures, has had the chance to partner with Toufic multiple times. While at GrowthWorks, she was part of the first syndicate for Layer 7, an investment that ultimately won CVCA Deal of the Year. GrowthWorks was also an investor in Metafor. Given their track record together, this latest collaboration is a natural evolution.  

As Maria puts it: “Toufic’s unparalleled foresight in web services standards, machine learning, AI, and data security sets a new standard for excellence, and is akin to witnessing the future being written in code.  I am thrilled to work with him again.”  

Delivering Impact 

At Pender Ventures, we are passionate about delivering impactful support to our founders. Venture partners with deep domain knowledge are a key part of our approach. Whether it’s cloud infrastructure, AI strategy, or engineering management, Toufic’s depth of practical expertise will be highly impactful for our portfolio companies. We also plan to leverage his insight in due diligence, the crucial first step in any engagement with a startup. We could not be more excited to have Toufic as part of our team and we look forward to introducing him further to our community.  

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