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Pender Ventures and Startupfest present FundFest

As we expand our investment platform across Canada, Pender Ventures is committed to growing our impact on the Canadian startup ecosystem, as we believe that firms that give first enlarge the pie for all while reaping meaningful benefits in the process. It’s in this spirit that we are thrilled to be curating FundFest, an investor-focused micro-conference at this year’s Startupfest on July 13th.

FundFest’s panels are organized around the three main segments of the venture capital value chain: fundraising, investing and exits, or as we like to say: “get the money, invest the money, return the money”. We have a stellar group of speakers from across Canada and the US to share their perspectives in each of these areas. You can click here to see the full lineup.

We were inspired to work on FundFest for a few reasons. The first is that we are big fans of the Startupfest team and community. In the wide world of tech conferences, Startupfest’s mix of Montreal summer vibes, thought-provoking content and diversity-first programming combine to create something that is truly special.

We were also motivated to build something new for the investor community. Most tech conferences are focused on startups, and rightly so. But VCs need more forums to learn and connect, especially as many of the highest value settings to do so are also the most expensive.

Finally, FundFest is a way to bring together old friends and make new ones. Some of the speakers we’ve lined up are close collaborators or long-time acquaintances. In other cases, we met them recently and want to get to know them better. We expect a similar mix in the audience, and so the entire Pender Ventures team is looking forward to reconnecting and meeting new folks.

FundFest is an invitation-only event designed for members of the investment community. All attendees must also have a ticket to Startupfest. To apply, just click here and answer a few quick questions.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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