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Pender Ventures 2022 ESG Impact Report

Alongside generating investment returns, Pender Ventures seeks to improve the world and peoples’ lives. We see ESG as a framework for managing risk while remaining cognizant of how our decisions affect our communities and our planet. An integral part of this commitment is our annual ESG Impact Report. This report highlights the progress of our portfolio of companies across our framework of Better Lives, Better Planet, and Better Inclusiveness. Using the UNSDGs as our impact framework, we collaborate with our portfolio companies to define and track targets across seven (and growing) impact areas.

Measuring impact is a messy and imperfect exercise. We are proud of our portfolio companies and the team at Pender Ventures for facing this challenge head on. We are always looking for feedback on how to improve our processes and work collectively with the multitude of stakeholders in this industry, so please dive in and reach out with your thoughts.

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