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International Women’s Day 2022

Stories about the path to leadership.

In this episode Maria Pacella, Managing Partner of Pender Ventures celebrates International Women’s Day 2022 by taking a listen back to some of the “best bits” from our podcasts featuring Judi Hess, Natalie Dakers, Norma Biln, Jacqueline Ovens, Christy Wyatt, Michelle Scarborough and Alison Nankivell. These excerpts have been specifically selected to impart timeless advice and guidance to women looking to take the next step in their career, possibly into a leadership position, or to start their entrepreneurial journey.

Key Takeaways:

01:49 Michelle Scarborough starts us off with advice on the art of active listening.

03:35 Natalie Dakers extends the thought with advice on speaking up and why finding the right time and place can go a long way.

05:15 Judi Hess follows up by elaborating on “choosing your battles”.

06:05 The topic switches to diversity, and Alison Nankivell talks about the current VC ecosystem and what needs to change.

07:22 Jacqueline Ovens raises the importance of investing in female entrepreneurs and the positive impact it can have. She also follows up on diversity by highlighting the need for more women at the management level.

08:01 Alison talks about some of the progress that has been made so far.

08:57 Norma Biln talks about why we need to remain optimistic and how she has started to see more women in management, signifying a change in industry trends.

10:29 Judi provides some advice and insight into leadership, derived from her own experiences.

12:26 Christy Wyatt discusses mentorship, stepping up and finding the right company of people to grow with.

13:14 Judi visits the idea of “learning by doing” and offers some advice on how to get better at it.

14:15 Natalie discusses overcoming obstacles, building confidence and encouraging the younger generation.

16:14 Christy follows up on Natalie’s point on second-guessing, and talks about overcoming “impostor syndrome”. She follows up with a story about her two daughters and why we need to upend the status quo.

18:48 Judi echoes the need for more role models and the positive impact they can have on women who are at an early stage in their careers.

19:52 “When you’re offered a leadership position say, “Yes.” Don’t say, “Maybe.” – Judi Hess

Mentioned in This Episode:

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Pender Ventures

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