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Greg Malpass – Traction On Demand

We are delighted to welcome Greg Malpass, founder of Traction on Demand, to the podcast studio, with host, Maria Pacella, managing partner of Pender Ventures. With Traction on Demand having been acquired by SalesForce in 2022, Greg can reflect on the journey to build and sell Traction, creating a “best place to work in Canada” culture, his proudest moments and his new venture.

Key Takeaways:

[02:50] – Back to the beginning – founding and funding Traction on Demand. 

[07:02] – The decision to take on external investors: the crossroads of responsibility and ambition. 

[12:55] – Post funding operations and having a board. 

[15:01] – Turning a service into a product – dispelling the myths and how the magic happens. 

[19:20] – “I guess this is happening” – the road to acquisition by SalesForce. 

[24:45] – The challenges and “maintaining a consistent and healthy culture”. 

[31:35] –Greg’s proudest achievement at Traction on Demand. 

[35:48] – Passing on the knowledge – Greg’s advice for an entrepreneur who is starting a business today. 

[38:45] – Building a hundred companies? Greg’s next adventure, Uncommon Purpose. 

[43:00] – Greg’s good reads

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