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FundFest Panel: How Investors Can Support Exits

Moderated by David Dufresne, Partner, CMD Capital chats with Maria Pacella, Managing Partner of Pender Ventures, Anne Phan, VP, Corporate Development at Wealthsimple and Brent Holliday, Founder & CEO of Garibaldi Capital Advisors. They discuss the final phase of the venture cycle.

Subtitle: Creating liquidity through exits.

Key Takeaways:

[01:20] – Moderator David introduces himself and panelists Maria, Brent and Anne to kickoff the discussion on generating liquidity through an exit.

[06:00] – Maria shares her VC perspective on exits. Is there a “recipe” for success? 

[09:35] – Brent shares insights into the varying transactions he has seen in his career as a VC and M&A advisor. 

[17:07] – Anne discusses her role in corporate development and why VCs should focus on relationship building alongside corporate development.

[22:20] – The likelihood of creating liquidity through IPOs in the near term.

[26:27] – The current market for M&As since the last downturn.

[29:07] – Strategy changes at Wealthsimple during volatile market conditions.

[33:20] – Maria’s experience with LPs looking for liquidity through the first and second closes of the Pender Technology Inflections Fund II.

[35:56] – The role of sell side advisors in helping companies better understand who might be interested in acquiring them.

[40:26] – A call to action from Anne to close off the discussion.

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