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Deploying Generative AI: Predictions, Surprises, Strategies and Shortages

Maria Pacella, Managing Partner of Pender Ventures gets an in-depth status report on Generative AI in this fascinating conversation with Duncan Stewart, Director of Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Research at Deloitte Canada. Duncan’s research includes travelling the world for real-time, face to face updates from companies in every sector to unravel TMT and report resulting predictions. Maria and Duncan talk about Generative AI from a number of angles: company side implementation, client-side adoption, supply and demand, pricing and more. Listen to Duncan’s up-to-the-minute insights. But don’t leave it too long. He predicts that by the end of the year all his predictions will be wrong!

Subtitle: “I predict by the end of the year all of my predictions will be wrong”

Key Takeaways:

[2:41] – Who is leading the charge with embedding of Generative AI – is it big companies or small, or is it this sector or that?

[5:00] – What is the main impediment to not hitting Duncan’s prediction that we’ll see revenue uplift of $10 billion from Gen AI in enterprise software in 2024.

[7:24] – How are companies and countries customizing the way they deploy Generative AI?

[10:52] – Pricing model predictions and how those predictions are panning out.

[13:06] – What are the biggest challenges for software vendors to integrate Gen AI capabilities and how will they make their money back?

[15:22] – Do we think AI will have a greater impact that we had anticipated in the long term?

[18:29] – Gen AI chip (and raw material) supply and demand – priorities, strategies and shortages.

[24:15] – Other challenging variables: Data and IP

[30:14] – What regulations should we be aware of and what considerations should companies keep in mind?

[31:21] – Which of Duncan’s predictions are likely to change and how?

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