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Carlo Perez – Swift Medical

Persistence, Perseverance and Innovation

In this episode Kenndal McArdle, Principal, Pender Ventures chats with Carlo Perez, Founder and CEO of Swift Medical Inc. Kenndal and Carlo talk about the series of decisions and choices that led Carlo down the path of entrepreneurship and the eureka moment that led him to launch Swift Medical. Carlo also provides some background on his upbringing and how his proclivity for programming and engineering combined with many of his family being in the medical profession gave him an edge. They also discuss the medical challenges Swift is tackling, the challenges of building the business, how entrepreneurship is a constant learning process and the opportunity that lies ahead of the company.

Key Takeaways:

01:35 – Carlo talks about his upbringing and how his interest in engineering and programming pushed him to a career in STEM.

02:30 – What led Carlo down the path of entrepreneurship and his first start-up?

06:00 – Kenndal asks Carlo about his time at AMD doing R&D and the catalyst for wanting more.

07:11 – The importance of “impact” and the idea of doing something “better” in becoming an entrepreneur. Carlo elaborates on his motivations behind forging his own path.

08:50 – The conversation moves to the first proof of concept created by Carlo and his team and how real-world exposure led him to reassess his approach.

15:00 – Kenndal asks Carlo what the eureka moment was that convinced him of the commercialization possibilities for Swifts wound imaging technology.

19:15 – Carlo and Kenndal discuss the difference between the Canadian and US healthcare systems: the policies, regulations and challenges on each side.

21:50 – Carlo talks about value-based healthcare programs and what benefits they bring to the table, both for patient and healthtech.

29:02 – Carlo outlines the importance of weaving empathy into every aspect of company operations, and why it is of critical importance to Swift.

34:50 – Kenndal asks Carlo about the importance of “culture” at Swift and what “culture” means to Carlo.

40:10 – Carlo elaborates on the “tailwinds” that led him to initiate a Series B round of financing.

46:50 – Kenndal asks Carlo where he sees Swift in five to ten years.

51:15 – Carlo provides two book recommendations.

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