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Andrew Mosawi – iATS Payments

From scuba diving to integrated payments – it’s deep, unexplored and treacherous.

In this episode Kenndal McArdle, Principal, Pender Ventures chats with Andrew Mosawi, President of iATS Payments. Kenndal and Andrew discuss how he pivoted from being a scuba diving instructor to the world of payments. They talk about the challenges that Andrew saw in the payments industry, current innovations and where Andrew thinks the payment industry will go next. They also talk about crypto, the future of money and why Andrew believes giving consumers a choice when it comes to payments is important.

Key Takeaways:

01:45 – Kenndal and Andrew talk about his early years as a scuba instructor and the eureka moment that led to his pivot to payments.

03:06 – Andrew explains what integrated payments is and how the system works.

06:04 – Andrew talks about the payment chain process, the various stakeholders and elaborates on the terminology that is used in the industry.

08:10 – How companies like Uber and Airbnb rely on integrated payments to both sustain and scale.

12:45 – Kenndal asks Andrew about the revenue opportunity as a provider of integrated payments.

17:01 – Andrew provides some tangible examples.

22:35 – Why not outsource payments to established companies and focus on delighting your customers?

27:52 – Kenndal and Andrew discuss the risks associated with not going down the integrated payments route.

30:46 – Kenndal asks Andrew if he thinks more and more start-ups are going to come out of the gate as payments companies.

34:04 – Andrew talks about the steps you need to take to get into integrated payments and the pitfalls to avoid

39:40 – Monetizing via the blockchain and the role of crypto in integrated payments. Andrew elaborates on the luxury of choice.

40:00 – Final thoughts on innovation, crypto and the evolution of transactions.

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