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2023 year-end funding report: Riding the wave of change in Canadian health tech

2023 witnessed a significant decline in Health Tech investments in Canada, marking a quieter year with a 40% reduction in announced deals compared to 2022. The broader, macroeconomic landscape and the aftermath of high valuations seen in 2020 and 2021 suggests that many funding rounds, particularly bridge rounds and internal funding, may have gone unreported.  

Delving deeper, our Canadian Health Tech Funding Report reveals nuanced shifts in the financing landscape. Although there was an overall decline in dollars invested, there was also a significant rise in the proportion of later-stage deals. This indicates a maturing market, but also a pattern of seed-funded companies opting for smaller, internal bridge rounds rather than externally led Series A rounds. 2023 also saw a significant uptick in exits, as cash rich acquirers and private equity sponsors took advantage of depressed valuations to acquire attractive companies or strategically relevant technologies to bolster their platforms.   

In terms of technology trends, the growing role of generative AI in areas like drug discovery and clinical trial management was particularly noteworthy. For a thorough understanding of these and other developments, please check out the full report, which offers valuable insights into Canadian Health Tech ‘s evolving technology landscape. 

Looking ahead to 2024, we believe a sense of cautious optimism is appropriate. The market is adjusting to new economic realities, with signs of growing confidence from public markets. We expect an uptick in companies seeking investment for further growth. This does not imply an easy journey, especially for founders who are adapting their fundraising and commercial strategies. However, there is ample reason to hope for a more stable investment climate, fostered by a better alignment between investors and entrepreneurs in this more discerning market. 

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