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Women in Tech – Exploring Leadership and Diversity of Thought

Information is only powerful if you distribute it.

Maria Pacella is joined by Christy Wyatt, CEO and member of the board of directors at Absolute Software. They discuss Christy’s education at the College of Geographic Sciences, her career as a software engineer and her rise to executive leadership positions at Palm, Sun Microsystems, Apple, Motorola, Citigroup, Good Technology and Dtex. Christy talks us through her journey that saw her named one of Inc. Magazine’s Top 50 Women Entrepreneurs of America, while providing advice for balancing a successful career and a fulfilling family life. She also touches on how diversity is one of the key benefits of being a truly global organisation. 

Key Takeaways:

02:41 – Christy shares what influenced her growing up.

08:17 – Maria asks if Christy would do anything differently now, looking back on her career.

12:43 – Christy says that one of the benefits to a global organization is “the diversity of thought”.

14:10 – Christy shares some of the leadership lessons from her wide-ranging career.

18:28 – Maria asks Christy to share what she does to continue to learn.

20:00 – Christy and Maria discuss the shift towards remote working and distributed teams.

33:27 – Christy shares a few books she is currently reading.

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