Pender Virtual Investment Conference 2021

Updated: Mar 14

Hustle and Grit: The Important Work of Building Private Companies

Rebecca Lovell, Maria Pacella, Kenndal McArdle & Kristina Bergman

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Pender Ventures, Pender’s private technology investment division, is built on the foundation of Pender’s venture capital roots. The Pender Ventures team is focused on investing in technologies that move the world forward, deliver a fundamental return on investment and make a tangible impact.

In this session guest moderator, Rebecca Lovell, CEO at Denali Financial Consulting, talked to the team about their approach, their dealflow and how they choose their investments. Also the importance of diversity as an active ingredient in corporate success and how the team seeks alignment across the entire investing stack, from LPs to entrepreneurs and the benefits of active engagement and participation in investee companies.

Disclaimer: The content of this video is for information purposes only and should not be viewed as investment advice or an offer to buy or sell Pender’s funds, or the securities we mention. Any discussion of performance is not an indicator of future results. All opinions are as of the June 8, 2021. We may not share the opinions of our guest.