Introducing Pender Ventures

Updated: Mar 14

Meet the new partner.

In this episode Maria Pacella is joined by Kenndal McArdle, Principal of Pender Ventures, and their new team member, Kristina Bergman, Partner at Pender Ventures. Maria chats with Kristina to learn more about her background and experiences working as a tech product marketer and manager, an entrepreneur and an investor. Then Kristina turns the tables and interviews Kenndal about what makes Pender Ventures stand out from the competition.

Key Takeaways

02:01 - Kristina’s background and why she took the entrepreneurial path.

04:55 - Kristina’s work as both a product marketer and product manager at Crystal and Microsoft, and the intersection of those roles.

07:48 - Kristina’s key takeaways from working at large tech companies, including lots of trial and error.

10:07 - How Kristina came up with the idea for her company, Integris, and the journey from building the product and team to selling the company.

14:48 - What brought Kristina back to investing after working for large tech companies and starting her own.

16:37 - Barriers for women in leadership that we are still seeing today.

21:25 - The one word Kristina would use to describe herself.

25:13 - Kenndal’s six years at PenderFund and what makes the company so special.

26:47 - The three main focus areas of Pender Ventures: data-centric technologies, health technologies and industrial transformations.

30:43 - What makes Pender Ventures different from other venture capital firms.

33:31 - Kenndal’s key learnings since working with Maria and the Pender Ventures team.

36:21 - The skill crossover between playing professional ice hockey and succeeding in venture capital.

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