Kristina Bergman

Venture Partner
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Repeat entrepreneur. All about the Apres.

Kristina is a rare enterprise technology executive and investor who has been a CEO, founder, venture capital investor, and board member with experience in raising $16 Million in venture funding as well as a track record for M&A success. She is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience and has led go to market for a multi-billion product line at a Microsoft, held board roles at various technology companies and associations throughout Canada and the US, and successfully led the strategic exit of the company she founded, Integris. Kristina is recognized as a leader and mentor in the cross-border startup ecosystem with a unique combination of skills as both a seasoned operator and investor, years of experience in privacy, cyber security, big data, AI, and IoT, as well as experience leading large international teams.


She is mentor and investor with the Female Founders Alliance (Seattle). Kristina has her B.Comm from the University of Victoria where she graduated on the Dean’s List, and she has her Master’s in Finance (M.Sc.) from Boston University.