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Jill Earthy & Leah Nguyen – InBC Investment Corp

“Sometimes not doing something is riskier”

In this episode Maria Pacella, Managing Partner of Pender Ventures chats with Jill Earthy, CEO of InBC and Leah Nguyen, CIO of InBC. Jill and Leah discuss their career journeys, their entry into venture capital and the experiences that have inspired them to keep pushing boundaries. Leah and Jill also share life lessons for current and future women entrepreneurs and discuss missed opportunities as well as the mistakes they have made along the way. Other topics of interest center around DEI, sustainable development and the opportunities and challenges Leah and Jill see for BC when it comes to investing in Canadian companies. The podcast ends with book recommendations from Leah and Jill.

Key Takeaways:

00:50 Leah and Jill share their career journeys and how they found themselves in venture capital.

05:11 Maria asks them if there were any mentors or influencers who inspired them as well as how they landed their first jobs and what they learned from it.

10:07 Leah and Jill discuss the hurdles and challenges they had to overcome and mistakes they made in their careers to get to where they are today.

13:05 Maria asks them if there are any role models they admire and look up to in terms of leadership. Maria also challenges the guests to describe themselves in one word.

17:00 Leah and Jill discuss how they take their learning and apply it to their current roles in InBC and provide some context as to what those learnings are.

20:15 Maria asks Jill what she thinks of the current environment for women entrepreneurs and follows up with a discussion on the vision for InBC.

25:55 Leah and Jill answer Maria’s question on incorporating DEI, and how InBC is addressing the issue of attracting more talent to BC. A discussion on other models besides the UN Sustainable Development Goals that Leah and Jill are looking into follows.

30:20 Leah and Jill share book recommendations.

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